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I offer training in perinatal mental illness, developmental trauma, baby bonding, psychiatric drugs, mental health disorders and I also offer TA refresher days


At present all training will be delivered on zoom. There will be good breaks within the training and we will still have breakout groups for experiential learning within the day setting, so that participants can gain as much as they can from the training.

I am happy to provide specific training for mums, midwives, health visitors or any kind of health practitioner. Please contact me about your needs so I can set up a workshop that would be suitable.

Please note that in 2021 I will be providing a certificated course in maternal mental illness for psychotherapists and counsellors on zoom. This will cover all aspects of working in this area. It will be run over 5 days. Please contact me if you are interested in this. As soon as the details are finalised and the website is up and running I will place the links on here.

Motherhood and Mental Illness - An Introduction (this workshop is designed for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists)

This is a full day workshop covering the basic principals of working effectively with women who are experiencing mental illness in pregnancy and postnatally. This a huge topic with a great deal to cover and thus it is an introduction only.

Mental illness during pregnancy and after childbirth is common and can have devastating effects on the mother and child as well as the family. This workshop covers the major symptoms, why these have manifested themselves and how to treat them, in particular the specificity of illness, which non-relational therapy does not address. This is not a ‘one-type-fits-all’ type of process. Each client presents in a personal way and it is important to understand that treating these specific needs is a vital part of the work. This workshop is about treating the cause of the illness, not just providing symptomatic relief. This is important, particularly if the woman wishes to have further children. We will explore briefly some of the drugs that are used in the perinatal period and their pros and cons and why therapy can offer something ‘more than’ a drug. I will use clinical vignettes and experiential work throughout, as my teaching style is collaborative and co-creative.

Date: 30th April 2021
Time: 9.30am to 5.30pm.
The cost is £40
You will be provided with CPD certificates.

Motherhood and Mental Illness - Part Two

This is a full day workshop in which we will explore couples work, IVF, miscarriage, loss in infancy, birth trauma and parental bonding and anything else which may come up within this work. This workshop is designed as an "add on" to the first workshop, and will not cover any of the basics.

Date: 7th May 2021
Time: 9.30am to 5.30pm
The cost is £40
You will be provided with CPD certificates

Developmental Trauma Training

Developmental Trauma - what it is, the neurobiology of this type of trauma and how to work with it in psychotherapy

Date: 12th June 2021
Time 9.30am to 5.30pm
Cost £40

TA Refresher Days

These are for TA trainees who want to be reminded about certain theories and also to be updated on the new theories emerging in Transactional Analysis. They will be useful for those who are a little confused by some of the theories, and also for those who are heading for their viva either for the Diploma in TA or for the CTA:

Script - 9th April 2021
Games - 16th April 2021
Transactions - 14th May 2021
Strokes - 18th June 2021
Passivity and Discounting - 16th July 2021
Ego states will run again in the autumn

Training for new mums

A workshop for new mums and their babies to teach them all about their infants, the way in which babies communicate, how to address their needs and the babies, and the importance of bonding and attachment.

If you would like to participate in any of the training days above please contact me at: emmafhaynes@aol.com stating what you would like to attend and what date if there is a choice.

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